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PADI Ausbildung Preise



PDR Price List from 1 February 2020
The Way the world Learns to Dive
Prices are subject to change at any time
Bubble Maker / in 2 m depth for children up to 15 years
(1 dive) inclusive Bubblemaker Pak                                              
Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)     ₱3,100.00
DSD each subsequent dive ₱2,100.00
PADI Scuba Review₱3,000.00
Open Water Diver included Equipment & (4 dive) Open Water Diver Manuel w / RDP, w / PIC. ₱18,500.00
Advanced Open Water Diver 4 dives inclusive Advanced Open Water Diver Manuel w / Data Carrier, w / PIC₱14,900.00
PADI Adventure Diver₱12,000.00
Emergency First Response inclusive  EFR Participant Manuel w / Completion Card₱6,450.00
Rescue Diver 10 scenarios inclusive Manuel Rescue Diver w / Slate, w / PIC₱18,500.00
Divemaster inclusive Divemaster Training Pack₱31,900.00
Open Water Diver including equipment (4 dives)  ₱10,450.00
Advanced Open Water Diver 5 dives ₱8,450.00
Rescue Diver 10 scenarios₱10,950.00
Divemaster ₱25,500.00
PADI –Specialties
NITROX Diver inclusive Enriched Air Crew pak w / PIC₱8,450.00
Deep Diver (3 dives) inclusive Manuel Deep Diver w / PIC₱12,450.00
Wreck Diver (3 dives) inclusive Wreck Diver Manuel English w / PIC₱12,450.00
Boat Diver (2 dives) inclusive Manuel Boat Diver w / PIC ₱10,450.00
Night Diver (2 dives) inclusive Manuel Night Diver w / PIC₱10,150.00
Underwater Navigator (2 dives) inclusive U / W Navigator Manuel w / PIC₱10,150.00
Drift Diver (2 dives) inclusive drift Diver Manuel w / PIC₱10,150.00
Search & Recovery (2 dives) inclusive Search & Recovery Manuel w / PIC ₱10,150.00
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Fish Identification- Underwater Naturalist (2 dives) inclusive U / W Navigator Manuel w / PIC₱10,150.00
Peak Performance Buoyancy (2 dives) inclusive Manuel Peak Performance English w / PIC₱10,150.00
Digital Underwater Photography (2 dives) inclusive DUP Manuel w / PIC₱10,150.00
Gas Blender inclusive Gas blender Manuel w / PIC₱10,150.00
Emergency Oxygen Provider inclusive Manuel Emergency Oxygen English w / PIC₱10,150.00
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